Online Help: Getting the most out of your Currents4Kids subscription

Currents4Kids is an online teaching resource that brings current events alive in the classroom – and outside of it.

Your subscription gives you access to a powerful tool with many features. To help you get the most out of Currents4Kids, we've created this Help Guide.

The Help guide includes the following sections:

I. Managing classrooms: How can teachers set up and manage classrooms of students?

II. Using articles: What features and functions are associated with articles?

III. Viewing student results (Students): How can students view the responses they've submitted and their quiz results?

IV. Managing student results (Teachers): How can teachers view and sort their students' quiz results? How can teachers view, edit, grade and post their students' reponses to the website?

V. OtherEverything you've ever wondered about Dashboards, school coordinators, user accounts and ordering, lost passwords, and more!

Of course, if you don't find the answer to your questions in this guide, please contact us at any time.

I. Managing classrooms

1. Create a class and generate user names and passwords for your students:

  • Click on the 'Dashboard' link in the blue box at the top of the page.
  • Click 'Create a new classroom for your students' in the 'My Classrooms' section.
  • Enter the name of your classroom in the text box and click 'Save.'
  • Scroll to 'Add students,' then enter your students' first name and last name or initial. When you've finished adding names, Click 'Submit.'
  • To print off a list of user names and passwords, click the printer icon just above the top right corner of your class list.

2. View or edit your class list and students' passwords:

  • Click on the 'Dashboard' link in the blue box at the top of the page.
  • Click on the 'Edit existing student names, login information, and print or export class lists' link in the 'My Classrooms' section.
  • Click on the 'Add students'  tab to add more students to this classroom, then click 'submit' to save these changes.
  • Click 'edit' to change a student's first or last names or password, then click 'submit' to save these changes.
  • Click 'delete' to delete a student from this classroom. All information associated with this student, including content authored by this user, will be permanently removed from the system.

3. Enter or edit Teacher's Notes:

Teacher's Notes are a way for you to post an assignment or instructions that your students will see on the Home Page when they log in.

To enter your first Note, go to the Dashboard, scroll to the 'My Classrooms' section, then click on 'Enter an assignment or other text into Teacher's Notes.' Type your message in the text box. Click ‘Submit.'

Once your first Note has been entered, you can make changes anytime on the Home Page by clicking the blue 'edit' button in the bottom right corner. You can also edit your Notes on the Dashboard.

In either case, students will see your notes on the Home Page when they log in.

4. Delete classroom

  • Click on the 'Dashboard' link in the blue box at the top of the page.
  • Under 'My Classrooms,' click 'Delete classroom'. All content associated with this classroom, including student quiz results and responses, will be permanently removed from the system.

5. Create additional classrooms

If you teach more than one class, you can create additional classrooms. Simply click the 'Create a new classroom for your students' in the 'My Classrooms' section of your Dashboard.

II. Using articles

Click on any article on the Home Page. For each article, teachers and students can:

1. Listen to the article

Each article has been pre-recorded. Students can click the arrow beneath the photo caption to hear the article as they read along.

2. Look up the definition of a word

To use the dictionary box located in the margin to the left of each article, type the word in the box or click on a word in the article, drag it to the box and release it. Click ‘Go’ to see the definition.

3. Take quizzes

Each article has two quizzes. Both consist of five multiple choice and/or true-false questions. To complete the quizzes, click on the links beneath the article title.

On-the-Lines quizzes test reading comprehension.

Between-the-Lines quizzes include questions that require students to make inferences, determine the main idea, and think critically.

  • While taking a quiz, students may go back and reread for information by clicking the ‘Back to story’ link. They can return to the quiz by clicking the 'On-the-Lines quiz' or 'Between-the-Lines quiz' link, then 'Start quiz.' They'll return to the question they were working on.
  • Students may also go back and change previously completed answers by clicking ‘Back’. They can navigate forward by clicking 'Next.'
  • When they’re finished, they can click ‘Finish’ to see their quiz results.
  • If students have to stop a quiz they can resume it where they left off at a later time.
  • When teachers create their classroom, they have the option to set the quiz pass rate percentage for all students of this class. If no value is set, the default percentage (50%) will be adopted.
  • Additionally, teachers can set the number of allowed quiz attempts for all students of this class. If no value is provided, the default amount (UNLIMITED) will be adopted.

4. Respond to a story

  • Students can respond to each story, answering the questions provided or commenting freely on the topic.
  • Students can type their response to an article in the text box.
  • Click the 'ABC' icon in the top bar of the text box to spellcheck the response.
  • Click ‘Rubric for Assessment’ to view the marking rubric for this assignment.
  • To save a response as a draft that may be worked on later, students should click 'Draft.' Their response is stored on their Dashboard and they may resume working on it at any time.
  • To submit a completed response to the teacher, students should click 'Review'. Their response is sent to their teacher, and appears on the teacher's Dashboard.

5. Read and vote on other students' responses to a story

Beneath each article, read the responses other students have written.

  • Sort responses chronologically, alphabetically, or by number of votes if you'd like to locate a particular response.
  • Teachers post their students' responses and LesPlan staff monitor them. Please contact us if you have any concerns about any posted responses.

6. Find Out More about a topic

Visit the links listed in this section to read more about a topic or view maps, photos or videos, and more. Please note that these links have been carefully selected, but may not be appropriate for everyone.

III. Viewing student results (Students)

Students can view their work history and results by clicking on their Dashboard at the top of each page:

1. My Responses

View all of the article responses you've submitted.

Sort your responses according to whether or not they’ve been published to the C4K website or by date (ascending or descending).

See the status that each response has been assigned by your teacher: accepted, accepted and privateaccepted and published, or revise.

If a response has been accepted, it's complete. If it's accepted and private, it's complete and it has been posted to the article page for others in your class to read. If it's accepted and published, it's complete and it has been posted to the article page for all other Currents4Kids users to read. It may or may not have assigned a grade. Grades, when assigned, appear in a coloured box to the right of each submission. (According to the rubric, assignments can be graded on a scale of 1-4).

If a response has been marked 'revise', you need to click the 'edit' button and make the changes your teacher has noted, then click 'review' to send it back to your teacher.

2. My Quiz Results

View the results of all of the quizzes you've taken.

Scores are listed as a percentage.

Correct and incorrect answers can be reviewed by clicking 'Review'.

IV. Managing Student Results (Teachers)

1. To view and manage students' responses, click on the Dashboard at the top of the page, then scroll to the 'My Classrooms' section and click on 'View and manage my students' article responses.'

  • To view and manage a student response, click 'edit' in the 'Edit/Comment' column.
  • Read or edit the student's response directly in the 'Response' text box.
  • Comment on the response by typing in the 'Comment' text box; the comment will appear on the student's Dashboard.
  • Assign a grade from 1-4 according to the accompanying rubric. (See the 'Rubric for Assessment' link above the 'Response' text box.)
  • Assign a state to this response: 'Revise' sends the response back to the student for editing; 'Accepted' indicates to the student that the assignment has been completed; 'Accepted and private' indicates that the response has been accepted and has been posted to the website where it appears under its corresponding article for all students in the class to read .'Accepted and published' indicates that the response has been accepted and has been posted to the website where it appears under its corresponding article for all Currents4Kids users to read. IMPORTANT: Clicking on a state SAVES any changes, comments or grades.
  • Sort students' responses by first or last name or state using the filters at the top of the form. 

2. Quiz Results

  • View all students' results for all of the quizzes they've taken, or sort the results using the filters at the top of the table. You can sort by student name, date, or quiz name or type, or a combination of these criteria.
  • Scores are listed as a percentage.
  • Students' answers can be reviewed by clicking 'Review'.

V. Other

1. What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is accessed via a link at the top of every page when a user is logged in. It's each user's 'control panel' for the site. On the Dashboard, users can view their school's account information, including the date their account was created and when it expires; they can create, view, and edit classrooms and the students in them; they can view their students' quiz results; and they can view and manage their students' responses to the stories.

2. What is a school coordinator?

Because schools that subscribe to Currents4Kids purchase a site license, often many teachers in the same school have access to the website. One teacher – usually the person who places the order – is designated the school coordinator. The school coordinator enjoys the same features as other teachers, except that he or she is also able to add teachers to the account. 

3. How do I know if I'm a school coordinator?

Click on your Dashboard. If you're a school coordinator, you'll have the 'My Schools' header with the options to “Invite other teachers to join your school’s account” and “View and manage your school’s teachers accounts.”

4. I'm a teacher in the Currents4Kids system. How can I find out who my school coordinator is?

On your Dashboard, scroll to 'My Account' and click on 'contact coordinator' to send him or her a message.

5. Can the role of school coordinator be delegated to someone else at the school, or more than one person?

Sure. Contact us with details of the changes you'd like to your account and we'd be happy to help.

6. I'm a school coordinator. How can I add teachers from my school to our school's account?

It's easy. Go to your Dashboard and scroll to 'My Schools.' Click on 'Invite other teachers to join your school’s account'. Enter the teacher's first and last name and email address. Click 'Submit.' The teacher will receive an email with a one-time login link to set up an account. If you want to add more than one teacher, simply repeat with the other teacher's information.

7. Help! I've forgotten my user name or password.

Go to, and click 'reset password' beneath the login box at the top. You'll be prompted to enter your username or email address, and will be sent a new login link.

8. Help! My students have forgotten their user names or passwords.

Go to your Dashboard and scroll to 'My Classrooms.' Click ‘Edit existing student names, login information, and print or export class lists’ to view or change your students' passwords.

9. How can I find out when my subscription will expire?

Go to your Dashboard and scroll to 'My Schools.' You'll see the date of creation and the expiry date for your school's account.

10. How can I renew my subscription or place an order?

That's easy. You can order online on our main (LesPlan) site, contact us via email, or call us at 1-888-240-2212.

A site license for one school for one year (Sept. - June) costs $198.

11. Who produces Currents4Kids?

Currents4Kids is owned and produced by LesPlan Educational Services Ltd., publishers of What in the World? and The Canadian Reader. You can find out more about LesPlan on our website. We're located at #1 - 4144 Wilkinson Road, Victoria, B.C. V8Z 5A7


For more information on the selection of Currents4Kids’ articles, their authors, and the similarities and differences between The Canadian Reader and Currents4Kids, please see our FAQ page.