Jan 12 2018

To the Rescue!

It was the first day of 2018, bright and early. The temperature in Nova Scotia was a chilly -20° Celsius.

A man walking his dog on Rainbow Haven Beach reported a pilot whale, washed up on the sand. It was still alive!


Jan 05 2018

Shooting for the Podium

The 2018 Winter Games are on the way! The Winter Olympics and Paralympics are held every four years. This time, they’ll be held in PyeongChang, South Korea. The Olympics come first, from February 9 to 25. Almost 3000 athletes will bring the best of ice and snow sports...


Dec 15 2017

Smelling Out Danger

Who’s the newest star of the animal kingdom? It’s the African giant pouched rat, better known as the HeroRAT. Giant (gulp!) rats? They’re only the size of a cat. But these rodents do big work. They save people from two major killers. Their first job is finding hidden...


The Himalayan brown bear. (Abdullah Khan/Snow Leopard Foundation)
Dec 08 2017

The Abominable Snowbear

Quick! What’s wild and shaggy and lives in the Himalayas? Did you guess the yeti? Legends say this man-beast hides out in the mountains between Tibet and Nepal. Folks claim they’ve seen one or spotted its tracks. Some have even snapped pictures. But are yetis real?


Dec 01 2017

Levi’s Levidromes

Have you ever heard of a “levidrome”? A boy from Victoria, B.C. invented the word. It’s so new, you won’t find it in the dictionary. Not yet, at least. Levi Budd is six. He loves to play with words. When he was four, he noticed something cool about Snakey Bob, his...


The Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway. (Photo courtesy the Northwest Territories government).
Nov 24 2017

Highway to the Arctic

A new highway opened last week. The Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway is short, just 137 kilometres long. But it’s important. It’s the first year-round road connecting Canada to the Arctic Ocean. The two-lane gravel road is built on permafrost. It took four years to build....


The sKan, a skin cancer detection device. (Photo courtesy James Dyson Award.)
Nov 17 2017

A sKan for Skin Cancer

Four engineering grads from McMaster University in Ontario have come up with a cool idea. It’s a handheld sensor that spots skin cancer. They call it the sKan. The team sent their design for the sKan to the 2017 James Dyson Award. Students around the world entered this...


Nov 10 2017

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

A team of archaeologists has discovered the world’s oldest paper. These scraps of Egyptian papyrus helped answer an important question. How were the pyramids built? It’s a mystery that’s puzzled people for years. Who knew they’d find the key in an old diary? Ancient...


Nov 03 2017

Picture This

Picture Day. You know how it works. A company comes to your school. Your class lines up. The photographer says, “Smile.” Then, click! An envelope goes home. The payment goes back. And picture day is over for another year. This year, the three schools in Lac Seul First...


Workers can use insecticide to try to stop outbreaks of the plague. [Photo via BBC Science Library]
Oct 27 2017


Madagascar is fighting a deadly disease. Plague has already killed almost 100 people in the African nation since August. Plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. It’s really a rodent disease, transmitted to humans in fleabites. Plague killed 50 million people...


Oct 20 2017

Au Revoir to Gassing Up

Paris is tired of air pollution. The French city is solving the problem at the source—internal combustion engines. That’s the engine found in most cars and trucks. Internal combustion engines burn gas or diesel fuel. But fossil fuels are dirty. The exhaust fumes...


Inuvik elder Lillian Elias takes part in a ceremony at the National Gathering of Elders, held in Edmonton between September 11 and 14, 2017. (Laurie Buffalo)
Oct 13 2017

Listen to Your Elders

Last month, First Nation, Métis, and Inuit elders held a big event in Edmonton. It was the first-ever National Gathering of Elders. Elders preserve an Indigenous community’s culture and traditions. Some have special skills and talents. Elders can be storytellers....


Oct 06 2017

I Am Invictus

War can break a soldier, body and soul. Just ask Prince Harry. The queen’s grandson, who was a captain in the British army, served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. He experienced the scars it left behind on his friends and colleagues. On him. “The way I viewed service...