Taking a Bite Out of Hunger
Many Canadian schools provide healthy meals and snacks to students. (Photo: Breakfast Club of Canada, via Facebook.)

Taking a Bite Out of Hunger

On April 1, the federal government announced that it will fund a new program in schools across the country. But this program doesn’t involve what students learn. It targets what they eat.

The government is starting a national school food program.


Med Students Heal Lonely Hearts

Once a month, medical students from McMaster University visit a Waterloo retirement home. The seniors line up to see them. Not to receive medical care. For beauty care – and a chat.

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Solar Eclipse!

On April 8, 2024, millions of people in North America will see a magical sight – a total solar eclipse.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. It slowly moves in front of the Sun, blocking out its light.

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Staying One Step Ahead of Earthquakes

Every year, B.C. gets more than 3000 earthquakes. There’s no way to predict them. But a new alert can spot the first signs of a quake and warn people before the shaking starts.

Why does B.C. get so many quakes? It sits on the border of two tectonic plates…

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Arshdeep Bains: Living the Dream

On February 20, Arshdeep Bains’ childhood dream came true. The 23-year-old winger played his first NHL game.

And not for just any team. He laced up his skates with the Vancouver Canucks.

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Caught in a Web

Have you ever touched a spider web? The spider adds a sticky glue to the web to trap its food. But that’s not all it catches.

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Salut, Bonhomme!

Grab your toque and your arrow sash. Carnaval is here! Get ready for 18 days of winter fun!

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Mary Ann Shadd Cary: Anti-slavery Activist

Canada Post has a new stamp. It’s coming out just in time for Black History Month.

Who’s on the stamp? Mary Ann Shadd Cary.

Mary Ann Shadd was an activist. She fought to end slavery. She fought for women’s rights and the right to vote…

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