Bonne Chance, Team Canada!
Paris will be hosting the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. (Photo via X.)

Bonne Chance, Team Canada!

Grab your red shirt and get ready to cheer. Team Canada is heading to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Every four years, more than 200 countries send their athletes to the biggest multisport event in the world. This year, the Summer Games are in Paris.


Be Free, Brave Little Hunter

Brave Little Hunter is free! The orphaned orca calf was trapped in a Vancouver Island lagoon for five weeks. Now she’s in the ocean again, looking for her pod.

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Who’s a Good Dog?

In May, 2500 dogs gathered in New York City. Why? To compete in the 148th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It’s the biggest dog show in North America.

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There’s a Robot in my Restaurant!

For many teens, working in a fast-food restaurant is a rite of passage. Flipping burgers and making fries. Making pizzas. Serving customers and using a cash register.

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Reefs Protect PEI Beaches

P.E.I. is famous for its red sand beaches. Lately, those beaches have been shrinking – even disappearing. Climate change and erosion are taking a bite out of them.

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Taking a Bite Out of Hunger

On April 1, the federal government announced that it will fund a new program in schools across the country. But this program doesn’t involve what students learn. It targets what they eat.

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