Finding the Words
A portion of the cover of Finding the Language, showing the two children who meet and talk to the Raven and Wolf, to figure out how to save the environment and the Kwakʼwala language.

Finding the Words

Not many 11-year-olds can say they are published authors. But Addy Newman-Ting can. The Victoria girl entered a UNESCO writing competition. And her book won!


She Shoots! She Scores!

Hockey fans had a night to remember on August 31. It was the women’s world hockey championship final in Calgary. Canada versus the U.S.

Team Canada was strong and hungry. The team came through the tournament unbeaten. The players really wanted the gold medal. But could they beat their rivals?

Looking for the net

The U.S. scored two fast goals in the first period. Canada came out hard in the second. Brianne Jenner’s power play goal made it 2-1. Then Jocelyne Laroque fired a slapshot. Jamie-Lee Rattray tipped it in.

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Alphonso Davies Cheers for Refugee Paralympic Team

The Tokyo Paralympics opened August 23. Athletes from 160 countries came to compete. They marched in the opening ceremonies, carrying their country’s flag.

A brand-new team led the way. But this team carried the Paralympic flag. Why?

Teaming up

All six athletes are refugees. They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Burundi, and Iran. They can’t play for their home countries. It’s not even safe for them to live there!

Now, they have a team of their own. It’s the Refugee Paralympic Team.

This team has a very famous fan. His name? Alphonso Davies.

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A Federal Election for Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called an election. All across Canada, people are getting ready to vote.

It’s a big decision. The winner will lead the country for the next few years.

How elections work

Canada is divided into 338 ridings. Each riding elects a Member of Parliament (MP). MPs represent their riding in the House of Commons.

Most MPs belong to a political party. Each party has different ideas for how to make Canada better.

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