Jun 19 2020

Land of the Ancestors

Łutsël K'é Dene First Nation just earned big award. It won the UN’s Equator Prize for helping to create Thaidene Nëné, Canada’s newest national park reserve. It’s the first time a Canadian group has won.

The $10,000 Equator Prize goes to Indigenous and local communities. Winning projects find new ways to...

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Jun 12 2020

Read All About It!

Have you heard the news? J.K. Rowling has a brand-new story! It’s called The Ickabog. Don’t go looking for Harry or Hogwarts or a glimmer of magic. The Ickabog isn’t set in the Harry Potter universe. Don’t go looking for an actual book, either. Why? For now, this free...


The entrance to the massive cave in British Columbia's Wells Gray Provincial Park. Two members of the Canadian team that conducted a preliminary exploration of the site are circled in red to give an idea of the size of the entrance of the cave, which measures 100 metres long by 60 metres wide. (Photo: Catherine Hickson)
Jun 05 2020

The Biggest Cave in Canada

Two years ago, B.C. biologists were counting caribou in Wells Gray Provincial Park. As their helicopter flew over a remote part of the park, they spotted a giant cave. They called geologist Catherine Hickson. “My initial reaction was that this is a very important...


May 29 2020

Voyage of the Stødig

Most people who want to visit Norway book a tour or a take a cruise. Not Guylee Simmonds and David Schnabel. These young British architects were seeking adventure. They wanted to visit the wild, remote parts of Norway. They wanted to explore its fjords and hike in its...


May 21 2020

Back in the Swim

Goody the sea turtle can swim again! Years ago, Goody got tangled in a fishing net and lost a front flipper. She couldn’t go back to the ocean. With just three flippers, she could hardly swim. She’d be an easy meal for predators. So Goody had to live in captivity with...


May 15 2020

Cooking for a Crowd

When COVID-19 benched pro sports in Toronto, a new team moved in. On April 24, it took over Scotiabank Arena. That’s the home of the Raptors and the Maple Leafs. Two weeks later, it took over BMO Field. That’s where the Argos and Toronto FC get their kicks. This new...


May 08 2020

Homegrown Soccer Superstar

A Canadian teen is taking the soccer world by storm. He made his MLS debut when he was just 15. In 2017, he became the youngest player to score for the men’s national team. At 19, he’s a rising star at one of the world’s top soccer clubs. Do you know who he is? That’s...


May 01 2020

The First Inuit Novel

Markoosie Patsauq, author of the first published Inuit novel, passed away in March. Harpoon of the Hunter is an exciting story about hunting and survival. It takes place in a traditional Inuit community before the arrival of European whalers and trappers. The hero of...


Apr 24 2020

Hubble Telescope: Window into a Hidden...

Look up, way up. On a clear night, the stars are spectacular. But with only your eyes, it’s hard to get a clear picture of the universe. That’s why, in 1610, Italian astronomer Galileo constructed a telescope. Suddenly sky-gazers could see much more. The planet Saturn...


Apr 17 2020

A Fine Kettle of Fish

When a landslide blocked B.C.’s Fraser River, it was a disaster for spawning salmon. Biologists were worried. If adult salmon couldn’t get past the slide, they would die without spawning. Biologists found an unusual solution. They used a stash of 20-year-old sperm to...


Apr 10 2020

Leading By Example

It’s hard work leading a country during a global pandemic. Imagine what it’s like to care for three kids under 12 at the same time. That’s the challenge Prime Minister Trudeau faced last month when his wife came down with COVID-19. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau picked up the...


Apr 02 2020

Keep Your Distance

The new coronavirus is giving most Canadian kids the longest spring break ever. Sounds awesome, right?  Not when it means there’s nowhere to go and no one to hang out with. No sports, theatres, shopping malls, or events. Even many parks and playgrounds are closed. What...


Mar 27 2020

Suds Up!

Everywhere you go lately, someone reminds you to wash your hands. What difference does it make? Soap and water can’t fight a global pandemic. It can, actually. In fact, handwashing stops COVID-19 in its tracks. The coronavirus can only make you sick if it finds a way...