Apr 26 2019

Rescued From the Flames

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It is a Gothic masterpiece, and has been the heart of Paris for more than 850 years. The first stone was laid in 1163. It took nearly 200 years to finish construction. But on April 15, this...


Jan 24 2019


A Montreal elementary school had a brush with danger on January 14. Des Découvreurs elementary school had a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas. It’s created when gasoline, oil, wood, and other fuels burn. In the open air, CO is harmless. When...


The Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway. (Photo courtesy the Northwest Territories government).
Nov 24 2017

Highway to the Arctic

A new highway opened last week. The Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway is short, just 137 kilometres long. But it’s important. It’s the first year-round road connecting Canada to the Arctic Ocean. The two-lane gravel road is built on permafrost. It took four years to build....


May 19 2017

Ketchup Wars

Last year, an Orillia man started a ketchup war. How? With a Facebook post. He told people to stop buying Heinz. Get French’s instead, he said. His post went viral. Canadians love ketchup. We eat more per person than every country but Finland. You can find a bottle in...


May 12 2017

TED Talk Surprise

TED conferences bring in big-name speakers. The top scientists and thinkers. World leaders. Sports heroes and artists and movie stars. But at last month’s event in Vancouver, organizers promised something extra-special. A mystery guest. “Who is it?” everyone wondered....


Feb 17 2017

My, You’ve Grown, Canada!

t’s official. Canada’s population has hit 35 million. That’s ten times bigger than it was in 1871! How do we know this? The 2016 census told us. Every five years, the government collects information from every household in Canada. The census asks questions about the...


Dec 09 2016

Helping the Hungry

Have you ever wondered what happens to food bank donations? A jar of peanut butter might make sandwiches for a family of five. A box of pasta might feed a grandma, living on a pension. A carton of Cheerios could go to a college student. Baby formula and diapers could...


Sep 16 2016

Mother Teresa, Saint of the Gutters

For years, people have called Mother Teresa “the saint of the gutters.” On September 4, Pope Francis made it official. Sainthood is one of the highest honours in the Roman Catholic Church. The ceremony was held at St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Mother Teresa, friend to…


May 20 2016

Census 2016: Canada Counts

May 10 was Census Day in Canada. Canadians take this important survey every five years. A government agency called Statistics Canada runs the census. The survey collects data about every man, woman and child living in Canada. These “people statistics” are called...


The Leblanc family. (Photo courtesy Robin LeBlanc.)
Mar 04 2016

The Pioneer Challenge

How often does your family go to the grocery store? Once a week? Twice a week? More? Imagine not buying groceries for five months. A family in New Brunswick hasn’t shopped since last October. The LeBlancs call themselves homesteaders. They live simply on a small farm...


Feb 05 2016

The Gas Game

Why do gas prices keep changing? Sometimes they’re high. Sometimes they’re low. It’s so unpredictable! One factor that affects the price at the pump is the price of the oil that gas is made from. The price of oil rises and falls based on supply and demand. When oil is…


Members of groups who are sponsoring two Syrian refugee families hold up signs welcoming their charges as they wait for the families to arrive at Toronto's Pearson Airport on December 9, 2015. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)
Dec 11 2015

Welcome Home!

Imagine you’re a Syrian refugee. Your family lives in a plywood box with muddy floors. The walls are covered in plastic to keep out the rain and snow. There’s no kitchen. No bathroom. No beds. You’re hungry all the time, because your family doesn’t have much food. You…