Mar 15 2019

Take Your Best Shot

Vaccines are one of the biggest public health advances of the 20th century. You may think of them as a shot in the arm. But when they were first developed, many parents around the world saw them as a lifesaver. They spelled an end to quarantine signs. To the fear that...


Feb 01 2019

Food for Thought

Health Canada served up a new Canada’s Food Guide in January. This updated guide for healthy eating was introduced January 22. Canadians will notice a few changes. Like the 2007 version, the new Canada’s Food Guide tells us what to eat and what not to eat. But it also...


Jan 18 2019

Move It!

Students at Roland School in Manitoba have a fun new way to boost their fitness and “shake their sillies out.” They just follow the Sensory Path.  The Sensory Path was once an ordinary hall lined with lockers. Now it’s a 35-metre fitness trail.  Colourful stickers on...


A variety of processed foods that can contain trans fat.
Aug 24 2018

TRANS-forming Canada’s diet

Something’s changing about the food we eat. As of September 15, it won’t contain artificial trans fat. What’s trans fat? It’s a man-made, artery-clogging recipe for a shorter life. Food contains different kinds of fat. Some fats are good for us. They raise the amount...


May 04 2018

Better to Give Than Receive

Beatrice Janyk is 95 years old. Most people call her Granny Bea. But Canadian Blood Services calls her a hero. The B.C. senior has been saving lives for 70 years. She is Canada’s oldest blood donor. Granny Bea pops into her local blood donor clinic every few months....


Apr 27 2018

Drugs Versus Bugs

Bacteria are all around us. In the earth. In the water. Even in our bodies. Most of these one-celled organisms are harmless. Some even help us, like the ones that live in our gut. But certain bacteria make us sick. When our body can’t fight off a bacterial infection,...


Mar 16 2018

A Winning Smile

Lucas Warren is the new “spokesbaby” for Gerber baby food. The company looks for a cute new face every year for its advertising and social media. This year’s contest received 140,000 entries. Judges picked 18-month-old Lucas. “Lucas’s winning smile and joyful...


Feb 02 2018

New Vision

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a flying eye hospital? The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital looks like a plane. It flies like a plane. But inside is a fully-equipped hospital. The plane flies a team of eye specialists to developing countries. They help...


Workers can use insecticide to try to stop outbreaks of the plague. [Photo via BBC Science Library]
Oct 27 2017


Madagascar is fighting a deadly disease. Plague has already killed almost 100 people in the African nation since August. Plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. It’s really a rodent disease, transmitted to humans in fleabites. Plague killed 50 million people...


Feb 03 2017

A Spoonful of Sugar

Everyone knows you shouldn’t eat too much sugar. But how much sugar are you eating? The easy answer is “too much.” Many foods contain natural sugar. You can taste the sweetness when you bite into an apple or banana. A glass of milk has the same amount of sugar as these...


Oct 14 2016

From Fashion Model to Role Model

Emm Arruda wanted to be a model. She dreamed of strolling down a Paris runway in the latest fashions. Dior. Chanel. Valentino. Louis Vuitton. Instead, the fourteen-year-old Ontario teen wore baggy clothes to hide the curve in her spine. How could she model with...


Assorted e-cigarettes. (Photo via Wikipedia.)
Sep 29 2016

Bad Habits

Is smoking bad for your health? Of course it is. Everyone knows that. But only one in ten teens believes that using e-cigarettes, or vaping, can be dangerous too. Turns out, what you don’t know can hurt you. E-cigarettes have only been around for about ten years. They...