Jan 24 2020

Earth’s Best Shot

Calling all thinkers, leaders, and scientists. Calling all innovators and inventors. Prince William is looking for you. The Duke of Cambridge is launching a bold new plan to fight climate change. It’s called the Earthshot Prize. This multimillion-dollar award will...


A firefighter manages a controlled burn near Tomerong, Australia, on January 8, 2020. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)
Jan 10 2020

Fire Fight

Australia didn’t have a very Merry Christmas. The New Year isn’t looking very happy either. Why? Hundreds of wildfires are blazing, all across the continent. Many are burning out of control. It’s the worst fire season in Australia’s history. And it’s just getting...


Dec 13 2019

Turning Trash Into Treasure

A group of Kelowna high school students came up with a great way to recycle plastic. But it’s not easy to take an idea from the drawing board to production. Most start-ups need a little seed money to succeed.   So the students took their project to The Dragons’ Den....


Nov 29 2019

Staying Afloat in Venice

Venice is flooded. That’s not unusual for the Italian city. You get used to wet feet and puddles when your home is at sea level. There’s even a name for these extra-high tides – acqua alta. It means “high water” in Italian. But in November, the Floating City was...


The Interceptor. (Photo courtesy The Ocean Cleanup.)
Nov 08 2019

Turning Off the Tap on Plastic

Boyan Slat has done it again. The young Dutch inventor found a way to clean plastic out of the oceans. Now he’s found a way to keep it from getting there. When plastic ends up in the ocean, the wind and currents carry it out to sea. It collects in one of five swirling...


The aftermath of Hurricane Dorian is seen on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas in this photo taken by the Dutch Defense Ministry on September 11, 2019. (Sjoerd Hilckmann/Dutch Defense Ministry via AP)
Sep 13 2019

Dorian the Destroyer

A deadly hurricane slammed into the Bahamas Labour Day weekend. Everyone knew Hurricane Dorian was coming. They knew it would be a whopper, too. But it’s hard to escape a hurricane when you live on an island. Dorian had been brewing for days. It started as a tropical...


Sep 06 2019

Greta Makes Waves

Have you heard the news? Greta Thunberg has come to North America! One year ago, Greta was just another Swedish teen. Now she’s in the headlines for launching a global protest movement. Greta’s protest started small. She began skipping school every Friday. Instead of...


Aug 30 2019

Fire in the Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is in flames. This huge tropical forest is half the size of Canada. It sprawls across nine South American countries. Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay are all dealing with serious fires. But in Brazil, wildfires have skyrocketed. In August, Brazil had a...


Jun 07 2019

Trash and Bash

Finally. The trash talk between the Philippines and Canada is over. A cargo ship loaded with 69 containers of garbage is on its way back to Canada. What was Canada’s garbage doing in the Philippines? That’s a good question. It all started six years ago. A Canadian...


May 10 2019

Water, Water, Everywhere

April showers didn’t bring flowers to communities in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick this year. They brought major flooding. Many areas of Eastern Canada received heavy rain last month. Some rivers and lakes couldn’t hold any more water. They were already full of...


May 03 2019

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

A new trend is sweeping the Internet. It’s called the #TrashTag Challenge. It all started March 5, when an Arizona man spotted an inspiring Facebook post. It showed a man posing with nine bags of garbage in a wooded area. It also had a photo of the area before he...


Apr 05 2019

The Voice of Change

Have you ever worried about climate change? If so, you’re not the only one. Greta Thunberg didn’t just worry. The Swedish teen took action. Last fall, Greta started skipping school Fridays to protest on the steps of Sweden’s parliament building. She wanted her...