October 2019


A group of students, including Tamasha Hussein (bottom right), welcomes Clemance Bisamu and other new refugee scholars to Vancouver. (Jon Hernandez via cbc.ca)
Oct 18 2019

On the Road to Learning

Moving to a new school isn’t easy. New teachers. New classmates. It takes time to settle in. It’s even harder when you’re a refugee. You’re not just at a new school. You’re in Canada for the first time. You may be studying in a second language – or even a third! Take...


Oct 11 2019

Ravens for Reconciliation

According to Japanese legend, a wish is granted to anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes in one year. The University of Northern British Columbia is giving the legend a twist. The staff and students at UNBC aren’t making origami cranes. They’re folding a flock of origami...


Oct 04 2019

Canada Votes

The race is on! On September 11, Prime Minister Trudeau visited Governor General Julie Payette and asked her to call an election. On October 21, Canada will choose a new government. The news came as no surprise. Federal elections usually happen every four years, on the...