Jun 17 2016

“With No Flag to March Behind”

Popole Misenga, a refugee and judo athlete from the Democratic Republic of Congo, jogs near his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

A new team is competing in the Rio 2016 Olympics this summer. Its athletes will march behind the Olympic flag. They cannot march behind their own.

The team is small, just six men and four women. But it represents 60 million people, almost twice the population of Canada.


Ibrahim Al-Hussein, a refugee of the war in Syria, carried the Olympic Torch in Athens. (Getty Images/Milos Bicanski)
Jun 10 2016

Gold Medal Dreams

Athletes around the world dream of competing in the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Every four years, that dream comes true for 15,000 athletes from 200 countries. The Olympics and Paralympics are the biggest multisport games in the world. Only the best…


Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry (7) gets fouled by Cleveland Cavaliers centre Tristan Thompson (13) during second half of the Eastern Conference final NBA playoff basketball action in Toronto on May 27, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette)
Jun 03 2016

The Roar of the Raptors

Six weeks ago, the Toronto Raptors wrapped up the regular season with the best record in the team’s 20-year history. Fifty-six wins. First in their division. A point out of first in the Eastern Conference. Canada’s only NBA team was headed for the playoffs. The Raptors...


May 27 2016

If You Feed Bacteria Some Plastic…

A recycling plant in Japan is getting a little extra help from hungry bacteria – that like to snack on plastic. Researchers discovered the tiny microbe living in soil and sludge samples. Ideonella sakaiensis can break down PET, the plastic used in water bottles. The...


May 20 2016

Census 2016: Canada Counts

May 10 was Census Day in Canada. Canadians take this important survey every five years. A government agency called Statistics Canada runs the census. The survey collects data about every man, woman and child living in Canada. These “people statistics” are called...


A giant fireball is seen as a wildfire rips through the forest 16 kilometres south of Fort McMurray, Alberta on May 7, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward)
May 13 2016

Fort McMurray Burns

Your town is on fire. The flames are racing your way. You have one backpack and 15 minutes. What will you take? That was the situation in Fort McMurray this month. Wildfires swept into the northern Alberta town. People were told to grab what they could and go…


May 06 2016

The Play's the Thing

Knock knock. Who’s there? Shakespeare. Shakespeare who? For goodness’ sake. Surely you’ve heard of William Shakespeare. The famous British playwright and poet died 400 years ago. But people still read, perform and study his work today. So who is this great…


A rift in the highway caused by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16, 2016. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)
Apr 29 2016

Earthquakes Strike Japan and Ecuador

You’re in your house, sleeping or doing your homework or eating dinner. All at once the floor starts shaking. Then your whole house begins to shake! It creaks and groans and rumbles. You and your family run outside…


Apr 22 2016

People-Powered Research

Some jobs are just too big to tackle alone. Consider the research that scientists do. The more information that they gather – the bigger their sample – the better their data is. But it takes time, manpower and money to gather data. That’s where citizen scientists come...


A man carries animal feed in Ethiopia on April 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Mulugeta Ayene)
Apr 15 2016

Dying of Hunger

Have you ever forgotten your lunch at home? If you have, by the end of the day, it was probably hard to think of anything but the rumbling of your stomach. In Ethiopia, 10 to 15 million people are going hungry. That’s more than…


A black-and-white reproduction of a painting showing Norsemen in a ship by Oscar Wergeland (1844-1910).
Apr 08 2016

Digging Up Vikings

A thousand years ago, the Vikings visited North America. Before Columbus. Before John Cabot. Before Jacques Cartier. How do we know? Old Norse poems and space-age satellites told us so.


People watch through glass as a killer whale swims by in a display tank at SeaWorld in San Diego.
Apr 01 2016

SeaWorld’s Orca Breeding Program Ends

Have you ever seen an orca jump out of the water and land with a huge splash? Was it breaching for the joy of it, out in the ocean? Or was it jumping for the fish in its trainer’s hand?


Mar 11 2016

Water for the World

Water. Everyone knows how important it is. We drink it and wash with it. We need it to cook our food and flush our toilets. But do you ever consider how hard we work for water? Or how hard water works for us? That’s the theme for World Water Day this year. World Water…