Feb 24 2017

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Say goodbye to tired-looking apple slices and ugly bruises. Say hello to the Arctic apple. Its flesh stays white long after you cut it up.
Slice it up and put it in your lunch bag. Take your time eating it. This apple won’t turn brown. Not for days. Not for weeks!


Feb 17 2017

My, You’ve Grown, Canada!

It’s official. Canada’s population has hit 35 million. That’s ten times bigger than it was in 1871! How do we know this? The 2016 census told us.


Feb 10 2017

Swallowed by the Waves

Sharks lost their biggest champion last week. Rob Stewart, a Toronto filmmaker and conservationist, died while diving. You wouldn’t think sharks need a hero. They’re apex predators. Kings of the ocean. They’re man-eaters, right?


Feb 03 2017

A Spoonful of Sugar

Everyone knows you shouldn’t eat too much sugar. But how much sugar are you eating? The easy answer is “too much.” Many foods contain natural sugar. You can taste the sweetness when you bite into an apple or banana. A glass of milk has the same amount of sugar as these...


Jan 27 2017

Shining Brightly

Ann Makosinski comes up with bright ideas. A flashlight that runs on body heat. A battery-free headlamp. A coffee mug that charges your phone.   Now the 19-year-old inventor has been named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 for 2017. Forbes gives this honour to...


Jan 20 2017

Partners in Science

The world is fighting climate change. Glaciers are melting, oceans are warming and sea levels are rising. Scientists are working hard to find ways to slow these changes and deal with the challenges they bring. Canada’s Indigenous people are contributing their unique...


Jan 13 2017

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Canada’s having a birthday party. Everyone’s invited. Get ready for a year of celebrations across the country. After all, how often does a country turn 150? Canada wasn’t very big back in 1867. It consisted of just four provinces and three million people. But then...


Dec 16 2016

The Next Queen of the Ten

Move over, Sir John A. Macdonald. Make way for Viola Desmond. She’s taking your place on the ten-dollar bill. For years, the Queen has been the only female face on Canadian banknotes. But early in 2016, the government announced that it wanted to honour a Canadian woman...


Dec 09 2016

Helping the Hungry

Have you ever wondered what happens to food bank donations? A jar of peanut butter might make sandwiches for a family of five. A box of pasta might feed a grandma, living on a pension. A carton of Cheerios could go to a college student. Baby formula and diapers could...


Dec 02 2016

Top Price Paid for Mountaintop

Mountain Forms by Lawren Harris was sold at auction in Toronto on November 23. It was a big painting by a big Canadian artist. It sold for a very big price. The auction was over in just three minutes. The auctioneer looked around for any final bids. “Selling. Selling...


Nov 25 2016

Invasion of the Beavers

The beaver is Canada’s national animal. It’s cute. Distinctive. Hardworking. We’ve put it on our nickel and our first postage stamp. It has even inspired a tasty fried pastry called the beavertail.   Argentina and Chile don’t share our love for this bucktoothed rodent...


Nov 18 2016

America's New President

On November 8, the United States elected a new president. Most people thought the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, would win. Instead, voters picked Donald Trump, a real estate developer and reality TV host. He’s the first U.S. president without any government or military...


Dr. Fred Roots, age 93, during a break in a board meeting of Students on Ice. (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail)
Nov 12 2016

Polar Roots

Canada lost one of its greatest explorers and scientists last month. Dr. Fred Roots died at age 94.   Most of us have never heard of Dr. Roots. But we’ve all heard of his work. The B.C. geologist was one of the first scientists to confirm global warming…