Jun 16 2017

Feeling on Top of the World

Naomi Prohaska with her father at the summit of Mount Logan.

Nothing’s impossible if you set your mind to it. Just ask 15-year-old Naomi Prohaska. She’s the youngest person to climb to the top of Canada’s highest mountain. 

Summiting Mount Logan is no small feat. The Yukon mountain rises from the biggest nonpolar ice fields in North America. Even in the summer, the...


Jun 09 2017

Bringing Down the Big Top

There’s something magical about the circus. Death-defying feats, performing animals, goofy clowns, graceful trapeze artists. It all starts when the ringmaster steps into the spotlight, wearing a jaunty top hat. “Ladies and gentlemen. Children of all ages. Welcome to...


Jun 01 2017

Still in Motion

It’s been 30 years since Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion Tour. On his tour he did something no one has ever done before. He travelled around the world by wheelchair. Can you imagine? Rick wheeled through 34 countries on four continents. He saw the Great Wall of China and...


Plastic debris on East Beach, Henderson Island. [Photo by Jennifer Lavers]
May 26 2017

Paradise Lost

Have you ever heard of Henderson Island? Probably not. It’s tiny. No one lives there. Almost no one goes there. It’s just a tiny dot on the map, halfway between New Zealand and Chile. In 1988, that tiny dot on the map became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Why? Because...


May 19 2017

Ketchup Wars

Last year, an Orillia man started a ketchup war. How? With a Facebook post. He told people to stop buying Heinz. Get French’s instead, he said. His post went viral. Canadians love ketchup. We eat more per person than every country but Finland. You can find a bottle in...


May 12 2017

TED Talk Surprise

TED conferences bring in big-name speakers. The top scientists and thinkers. World leaders. Sports heroes and artists and movie stars. But at last month’s event in Vancouver, organizers promised something extra-special. A mystery guest. “Who is it?” everyone wondered....


May 05 2017


Canada geese are party animals. They migrate together in big Vs. They waddle around together. They eat together, too. Cornfields are the perfect place for a goose party. There’s room for thousands of geese. Predators can’t sneak up on them. And waste corn is all over...


Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presents Malala Yousafzai with honorary Canadian citizenship during a ceremony in Ottawa on April 12, 2017. (REUTERS Photo)
Apr 28 2017

“We Are Proud to Call You Canadian”

Canada welcomed a new citizen April 12. This brave teen was born in Pakistan. She is the world’s youngest Nobel laureate.   Can you guess who it is? It’s Malala Yousafzai. Her citizenship is honorary, of course. She can’t vote or get a passport.   This honour is given...


Gary Robbins, with his wife Linda Barton-Robbins by his side, collapses after finishing the 2017 Barkley Marathons. (Michael Doyle/Canadian Running Magazine)
Apr 21 2017

A Race to the Finish

They call it the toughest race on Earth. It’s almost four times longer than a marathon. More challenging than the Ironman triathlon. It’s the Barkley Marathons.   The Barkley is a 160-kilometre cross-country race. But you aren’t racing against the other runners. You’re...


Hans Rosling
Apr 13 2017

The Man Who Made Data Dance

Back in 2005, Dr. Hans Rosling had great news to share. The world had changed. It was getting healthier. It was getting wealthier. And not just developed countries. The poorest countries, too! The Swedish professor had the statistics to prove it.  


Apr 07 2017

City Chickens

Where does your family get eggs? Do you buy them at the grocery store? Or do you reach under a warm, fluffy hen, feel around in the straw and pull them out one by one? You don’t have to live on a farm to get eggs right from the chicken. City families can keep hens, too...


The Edmonton Commercial Graduates basketball team, arriving in Toronto on April 19, 1927 for the Canadian championship series with the Lakeside team. Third from left, Hattie Hopkins, substitute; Margaret MacBurney, star forward; Elsie Bennie, defense; Dorothy Johnson holding flowers, captain of the team; and world's champion foul-shooter; Mildred McCormack, substitute; Daisy Johnson, centre; Kate Macrae, defense; and Marguerite Bailey. (John Boyd/The Globe and Mail).
Mar 31 2017

Queens of the Court

Every team has its glory years, its winning streaks. The New England Patriots. The LA Lakers. Our men’s and women’s Olympic hockey teams. But no team has ever been as unbeatable as the Edmonton Grads. Between 1915 and 1940, this women’s basketball team played 522 games...


Minnesota Wild's Jason Pominville skates during the first period of an NHL hockey game against the Nashville Predators in St. Paul, Minnesota on February 17, 2017. The Wild announced on February 27 that Mr. Pominville has mumps along with other members of the team. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)
Mar 10 2017

Benched by the Mumps

The Vancouver Canucks lost seven hockey players from their lineup last month. Not to injury. To mumps. Troy Stecher came down with the virus on February 24. His teammates Chris Tanev, Nikita Tryamkin, Mike Chaput and Markus Granlund were all quarantined with symptoms....